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Is Google+ Your Blog?

posted Jul 27, 2011, 11:59 AM by John David Felt   [ updated Aug 22, 2011, 7:34 PM by John David Felt ]

Is Google+ Your Blog?

Smart people like +Mike Elgan think so -

Other smart people like +Chris Brogan say no-

I tend to agree with Mike in that G+ can be a blog, in the old school sense of the term (web log) but Chris Brogan makes some points that must be thought out if your a serious about your blog or use it for your business.

One of the reasons for this difference of opinion is that I believe Google+ is the first social network that allows people to use the service in many different ways depending on their needs. That's very different than Twitter or Facebook.

That makes Google+ harder to figure out for power users (and over-thinkers like myself) because they need to answer questions about their goals for the service and audiences. They already have accounts at Twitter and Facebook a hosted blog etc and they use them in different ways because they have to.

Twitter and Facebook absolutely could not replace a blog. Google+ could - if you want it to. Particularly for the more casual bloggers out there.

For the power bloggers, those people who really do have a personal brand (or want to have one,) there really are issues in using Google+ as a blog.

One possibility I see the blog (in the Chris Brogan sense of the word) evolving into something more like a portfolio. A self curated home for your best content presented in the best possible way.