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Cool People I Know & The Cool Things They've Been Doing

posted Aug 20, 2012, 10:11 PM by John David Felt   [ updated Aug 21, 2012, 9:04 AM ]

Cool People I Know & The Cool Things They've Been Doing

It's been a long time since I've had time to attend to my social media accounts (buried in work,) but I finally did some catching up today.

It's always amazing checking back in to Twitter or Google+ and discovering the cool projects that people I know have been working on. Since I last checked into Twitter/G+, two friends have published new mobile applications and a group of friends made a film.

Sol:Sun Clock

Alec Vance (+Alec Vance on G+ and @juggleware on twitter) has put out Sol: Sun Clock. It's a really nifty app that keeps track of sunrise/sunset ,solstice, equinox, and more based on your location. You can also add alarms based on that information. It's a great concept and very well implemented. I just purchased it from the app store and have already set some alarms and detoured to wikipedia to learn the difference between nautical twilight and civil twilight as well as to learn what the golden hour is. Fun and educational. Pick it up at the app store

Alec's also part of the 48Hour film crew (see below) and the band Chef Menteur who just recently released East of the Sun & West of the Moon a double album on vinyl (how cool is that!). 


I met Peter Bodenheimer (+Peter Bodenheimer on G+ & @pbodenheimer on twitter) at a kickball game (Go Tonics!) and then ran into him again at last years BarCamp New Orleans. Peter's a really friendly and interesting guy- a serial entrepreneur (co-founder of LaunchPad Ignition, partner at Flat Stack) and all around go-getter. Now he's released a cool mobile application BarNotes. It's a social application for discovering new cocktails. Really nicely done and free. I will be adding my recipe for champagne cocktails shortly...

You can learn more about it at the BarNotes site or pick it up at the app store.

48Hour Film Festival

My sister in law Margaret is one of the coolest people I have ever met. She and a bunch of friends have been participating in the 48 Hour Film festival for the last two years. I went to the Prytania theater last Thursday and saw their recent entry Where's Keith. It was awesome as was their entry last year The Four Winds.

Pretty impressive stuff. With all of the above productivity going on around me I though the least I could do it to put up a blog post ;-)