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Full Disclosure

Full Disclosure


I'm John David Felt and I am responsible for all the content on groundcontrol.teammoon.net (groundcontrol). The views & opinions expressed here are mine alone. These views maychange and evolve over time and the content should only be seen as my view at the time it was written. I work at the Advocacy Center but groundcontrol is my website and is not affiliated with my employer. I am not representing the Advocacy Center on this blog

intent & tone

This is a business blog and so I'll be in professional mode. I don't intend to embarrass myself or anyone else if I can help it. My intention is to inform and participate in the free exchange of ideas. Still over the course of time anyone is likely to say something stupid and I am no different. I don't mean or to harm, libel, or offend any person or group.

accuracy & errors & timeliness

  • The content on this site might be inaccurate and have errors. It might say things that make no sense and are flat out wrong.
  • If I propose a solution to a problem, make a recommendation or provide a tip or trick I am not responsible for the results.
  • If something I say is true and error free today it might not stay that way. Things change.
  • I'm really going to try and keep the spelling mistakes and typos down to a minimum but I don't have a great track record in that regard.
  • If I find I have made a mistake,or otherwise provided inaccurate content, I will own up to it and fix it if I can.
  • If I link to something keep in mind that the link might change or I might have entered it in error. I'm not making any promises about what will be on the other end. The risk is yours to take.

financial disclosures

I will always disclose any financial compensation or potential conflicts of interest. Always. I am not getting paid for this. I will not accept money or gifts or any other compensation for any of the writing on this blog. If I have or have had a working relationship with a company or person discussed in this blog that will always be fully disclosed.


I do not accept advertising of any kind on this website.
(I may change that someday. Most likely I might experiment with Google ad-words so I can understand it better. If I did ever accept ad's they would always be labeled clearly as such. If I do change this policy I will note the change here and probably write about the decision making progress and results)

affiliate marketing

I don't believe in it. I think it's almost always unethical. I don't do it now and I won't do it in the future.

the day job

The work I do on groundcontrol takes place outside the hours I work at the Advocacy Center. I do not blog on company time. The exceptions to this are as follows: I might post something during my lunch hour. I also might make a post during office hours to alert readers of serious security or virus issues. Otherwise I will restrict my work on groundcontrol to my off hours. Note: My hours might not be your hours and I may use automated methods to post at particular times.


I  use Google Analytics to track visitors to this site. I don't have any control over how Google is using this data but I would never make it public. I don't track users in any other way. I don't collect any other user data besides Google Analytics. I don't resell site data to anyone, nor would I give it away.


This work is licensed under a
 Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.